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Women Rescued from Trafficking Design & Make Trendy Bags

Search on fair trade purses and you’ll likely see a number of results for recycled rice and feed bags.  These colorful and practical purses have changed the lives of hundreds of Southeast Asian women. particularly Cambodian women. Cambodia is a key focus because it’s a country where thousands of women and children are trafficked every […]

New Study Reveals Consumers Support Fair Trade With Their Shopping Dollar

When asked in surveys, most consumers say they’d prefer to buy products made where fair labor practices are followed.  But do they put their money where their mouths are—do they in reality buy products that are produced under fair trade conditions?  Two researchers from MIT and Harvard wondered the same thing. So they ran a […]

Fair Trade Global Fashion

Fair Trade Global Fashion by

Recycled Paper Becomes Beads of Hope

How do old magazines and calendars end up lifting Kenyan and Ugandan women out of poverty?  By being transformed into trendy and colorful Fair Trade Designs beaded jewelry.

Saving Trees the Fair Trade Way

Eco-friendly and beautiful go hand-in-hand with Fair Trade Designs stationery, all of which is crafted using tree-free materials. One of the primary sources for creating our stationery products is the lokta bush, an easily regenerated plant native to the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal.  The shrubs grow in remote areas where jobs are scarce, so paper […]

Fair Trade Silk Scarves–Kind to Earth’s Smallest Creatures

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye and touch than elegant silk.  It’s used for everything from apparel and purses to table linens and window coverings.  But did you know that creating the sumptuous fabric involves cruelty to the tiny, beautiful creature that produces the silk?