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Saving Trees the Fair Trade Way

Eco-friendly and beautiful go hand-in-hand with Fair Trade Designs stationery, all of which is crafted using tree-free materials.

Fair trade artisans in Nepal craft paper products        from the native lokta bush.

One of the primary sources for creating our stationery products is the lokta bush, an easily regenerated plant native to the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal.  The shrubs grow in remote areas where jobs are scarce, so paper production is typically the sole source of income for the mountain inhabitants.

The paper-making process starts by stripping the bark from the bush, boiling it for hours, and spreading the resulting pulp on a large, framed screen to dry in the sun.  The large sheets are then cut into sizes appropriate for journals, writing paper, note cards, and more.

Beautiful “Wave Note Cards” are made by Nepalese fair trade workers from the easily renewed lokta bush.

Nepalese fair trade artisans add flair to the papers by dying them with vegetable dyes, inlaying the pages with flower petals, and adding striking designs. This beautifully textured paper is known for its durability, lasting literally hundreds of years.

Lovely paper, better lives for the artisans, and preserving trees—Fair Trade Designs stationery does it all!





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