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Fair Trade–Good For You and For The Earth

If you know anything about fair trade, it’s that its primary purpose is to alleviate poverty.  But did you also know that a key principle of fair trade is to protect the environment?

By using eco-friendly production methods and either recycled, re-purposed, or natural materials, fair trade supports sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint. And since all products on the Fair Trade Designs web site are handcrafted, they’re created in many cases without using electricity or fossil fuels.

2-strand recycled cobalt newsletterOne of our most popular earth-friendly and fashion-forward products is jewelry made from recycled bottles and paper. Rather than filling landfills, the bottles and magazines are collected, melted down in the case of bottles or rolled into beautiful beads in the case of paper.

1-Ocean Waves Peacock  (391x640)Gorgeous silk scarves are hand woven from cruelty-free silk, where the moths are allowed to fly free of the cocoon before the silk is harvested. Commercial silk kills the moth in the cocoon first by piercing it with a pin or dropping it in boiling water.

3. Deep Waters Journal extAll stationery is completely tree-free, handmade from either recycled cotton rags or from the lokta bush, an easily renewable plant native to the Himalayan Mountains.

Kiri overnight1stEven our purses arrive without harming the earth. Some are actually made from recycled plastic grocery bags while others re-purpose colorful rice bags into very unique accessories.

Fair trade—chic, reasonably priced, and kind to the earth and its impoverished citizens.


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