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8 Things That Can Happen When You Buy Fair Trade

Whether you do so consciously or not, when you purchase a fair trade product you’re making a statement that the poor should get to participate fully in and benefit from global trade.

But if you want to know more specifically how your purchase makes a difference, at least one of these eight things happen when you buy fair trade crafts and food:

  1. You’re giving a mother an option for dignified work so she can support her family.Malia
  2. You’re empowering the abandoned to rebuild the economy of a country destroyed by genocide, disease, or drought.
  3. You’re giving a trafficked or abused young woman a secure and safe new life.
  4. You’re empowering producer and artisan communities to form co-ops, which improve their negotiating position in the supply chain.One World Afghan women
  5. You’re assuring a child has a childhood and not a life working on cocoa plantations or in miserable factories. Kids8
  6. You’re helping to save the rainforests, rivers, and streams from being polluted by toxic chemicals.
  7. You’re providing productive and sustainable alternatives to lives of crime for young men and women.
  8. You’re helping to save an elephant from being poached for its ivory. Baby elephant 1




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