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How a yen for travel launched a fair trade business.

How a yen for travel launched a fair trade business.

Another story in a series about the inspiring fair trade businesswomen who supply our beautiful products.  Giovanna Mantilla likes to travel.  She and her mother took off about 7 years ago on an excursion through India and Southeast Asia that lasted six months. Along the way, she kept stumbling on small artisan groups and families hand crafting beautiful […]

A Fair Trade Summer

A Fair Trade Summer by fairtradedesigns featuring jewelry

Fair Trade Is Elegant

Fair Trade Is Elegant by fairtradedesigns featuring necklaces Necklace fairtradedesigns.com Hand-carved wood purse from a women’s co-op in the Philippines. fairtradedesigns.com Natural fiber clutch made by fair trade artisans in Colombia. fairtradedesigns.com Hand-painted silk/cotton scarf from Thailand. fairtradedesigns.com Silk scarf woven by skilled fair trade Mayan weavers. fairtradedesigns.com Semi-precious stones in sterling settings handmade in […]

Breast Cancer Research Benefits From Fair Trade Month

Breast Cancer Research Benefits From Fair Trade Month by fairtradedesigns featuring a summer shawl

Passionate for Pink!

Passionate for Pink! by fairtradedesigns featuring alpaca scarves Necklace fairtradedesigns.com Paper jewelry fairtradedesigns.com Alpaca scarve fairtradedesigns.com Hat fairtradedesigns.com Scarve fairtradedesigns.com Scarve fairtradedesigns.com Old paper polyvore.com Zulugrass Multi-Strand Bracelet – Fair Trade Designs fairtradedesigns.com

St. Patrick’s Day The Fair Trade Way

St. Patrick’s Day The Fair Trade Way by fairtradedesigns featuring semi precious stone rings Floral bag fairtradedesigns.com Green jewelry fairtradedesigns.com Bangle jewelry fairtradedesigns.com Bangle jewelry fairtradedesigns.com Semi precious stone ring fairtradedesigns.com Earrings fairtradedesigns.com Silk scarve fairtradedesigns.com

Give Me Your Fair Trade Heart

Give Me Your Fair Trade Heart by fairtradedesigns featuring pendant jewelry Heart earrings fairtradedesigns.com Red pendant fairtradedesigns.com Pendant jewelry fairtradedesigns.com Bangle bracelet fairtradedesigns.com Charm bangle fairtradedesigns.com Little Heart Charm Bracelet fairtradedesigns.com Close To My Heart Pendant fairtradedesigns.com