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Women: The Backbone of Fair Trade

I can’t think of any other global enterprise where women run the show on both the front and back ends.

Rescue, Refuge, and Renewal for Exploited Women

Rescue, Refuge, and Renewal for Exploited Women

“I celebrated my 21st birthday here. It was the first time someone made me a birthday cake and sang to me. I am able to laugh and cry again. Not tears of sadness, but of joy.”

The Silent Epidemic–Child Trafficking

The Silent Epidemic–Child Trafficking

The Washington Post reported this morning that a woman in New York is accused of taking two South Korean children into her home and using them as slave labor for the last six years. A brother and sister, ages 14 and 16, were forced to do housework for 10 hours each day after school. They […]

“A Month We Should Not Need”

We like to think of January as the month of new beginnings, a month to erase the past year’s troubles and focus on fresh starts.  But for millions of women, men, and children a fresh start is beyond imagination.  They are the victims of human trafficking who, in the words of President Obama, “are bought, […]

Recycled Rice Bags: Reducing Waste & Human Trafficking

Among the many beautiful purses sold by Fair Trade Designs, some of the most popular are those made from recycled rice bags.  These colorful and practical purses have changed the lives of hundreds of Southeast Asian women.

Fair Trade Tackles Human Trafficking

Of the many issues that fair trade tries to address, the most barbaric is human trafficking.  A $32 billion industry, it’s the second largest illegal trade in the world, drugs being the first. The International Labor Organization estimates there are 2.4 million people lured into forced labor of some sort.  It takes many forms, from […]

Empowering woman migrant workers in Bangladesh

Empowering woman migrant workers in Bangladesh

UN group helps Bangladesh women who thought they