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Fair Trade Clothing: The Fast Fashion Antidote–Earth Day 2014

Fast fashion–the burgeoning trend of quickly and cheaply moving clothing from the catwalk to consumer to capitalize on current fashion trends.  Companies using this approach promote it as fast, low priced, and disposable.  Opponents point to its shoddy workmanship and its polluting effects from production and the decay of the tossed-aside synthetic fabrics. Fair trade […]

My Guatemalan Trip–I Learn To Make A “Princesa” Beaded Necklace

The best-selling product in my store also happens to be my personal favorite, the “Princesa” line of hand-beaded necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  So I was thrilled to visit the wonderful group of women who make this and a number of other stunning pieces of jewelry during my trip to Guatemala last month.

My Guatemalan Artisan Trip–The Corazon Del Lago Co-op

“Thank you for selling our products. Without people like you to sell what we make, we would not be able to feed our families.” These were the parting words I heard at every one of the 4 Mayan co-ops I visited on my recent trip to Guatemala.  Talking with the women, learning about their craft, […]