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Women: The Backbone of Fair Trade

I can’t think of any other global enterprise where women run the show on both the front and back ends.

The Basement Beginnings of the Fair Trade Movement

In 1946, Edna Ruth Byler stockpiled a small inventory of needlework sewn by Puerto Rican women in her central Pennsylvania basement. She began selling the products to friends and neighbors from the trunk of her car.

How a yen for travel launched a fair trade business.

How a yen for travel launched a fair trade business.

Another story in a series about the inspiring fair trade businesswomen who supply our beautiful products.  Giovanna Mantilla likes to travel.  She and her mother took off about 7 years ago on an excursion through India and Southeast Asia that lasted six months. Along the way, she kept stumbling on small artisan groups and families hand crafting beautiful […]

Muses Magazine Feature

Muses Magazine July 2012 Stephanie King, founder of Fair Trade Designs, is one of the “Guest Muses” in the July 2012 issue of Muses Magazine.  She answered the following interview questions posed to her by the editor, Rebecca Lacy. The questions are inspired by the nine muses the magazine celebrates each month. Click the link […]